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Skyline Emissions Updates DPF and DOC Product Offerings

Effective July 10, 2023, leading aftermarket DPF and DOC manufacturer Skyline has updated its DPF and DOC product offerings to better serve its wide-ranging group of customers across the U.S. and Canada.

The “gasket kit” (-K) has been replaced by a “module only” option (-M), creating the following DPF and DOC product options:

  • The -M option is the “module” kit, and includes a DPF or DOC without clamps and gaskets
  • The -C option is a “complete” kit, and includes the DPF or DOC plus any clamps or gaskets that fit that part.  In most cases the kit will include gaskets and clamps, but for a small number of kits only gaskets are needed for installation (for example, SG0803 and MC0508)
Illustration of Skyline Emissions' kit offering change - DOC or DPF with gasket(s) is being replaced by the DOC or DPF only

If you have been ordering only -C kits, you don’t need to do anything new.

If you have been ordering the -K kits and want to continue to offer that to your customers, you can find the necessary gaskets on each of the Skyline product pages on the website or in the Skyline part number tables.  Multiple gasket package options are available, including bulk packs – check with your territory manager or Contact Skyline for availability.

For further information, contact your Skyline dealer, territory manager, or Skyline’s customer service department.

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