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New: Skyline Emissions OE Manufactured NOx Sensors

Skyline NOx Sensor

Skyline Emissions is pleased to announce the availability of nitrogen oxide (NOx) sensors for heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Skyline NOx sensors are

  • OE designed and manufactured
  • Priced for the Aftermarket
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Sold with no core charge

The initial launch contains 15 NOx sensors for Cummins, Paccar, Detroit Diesel, and Volvo/Mack engines.

OEM OEM Part Numbers
Skyline Part Number
Cummins, Paccar 4326874, 4326874NX, 4326874RX, 2872946, 2872946NX SNX002
Cummins, Paccar 4326869, 4326869NX, 4326869RX, 2872947, 2872947NX SNX003
DTNA A0101532328, EA0101532328, RA0101532328, A0081531228, EA0081531228, A0091530728, EA0091530728 SNX101
DTNA A0101538128, EA0101538128, RA0101538128 SNX102
DTNA A0101532228, EA0101532228, RA0101532228, A0091530628, EA0091530628, A0081531128, EA0081531128 SNX103
DTNA A0101531928, EA0101531928, RA0101531928 SNX104
DTNA A0111531628, EA0111531628, RA0111531628 SNX106
DTNA A0111532828, EA0111532828, RA0111532828 SNX107
DTNA A0111531728, EA0111531728, RA0111531728 SNX108
DTNA A0111537928, A0111535028 SNX110
DTNA A0101531828, EA0101531828, RA0101531828 SNX111
DTNA A0101532028, EA0101532028, RA0101532028 SNX112
DTNA A0101536928, EA0101536928, RA0101536928 SNX113
Paccar 2006246 SNX501
Volvo, Mack 22303390 SNX601
Volvo, Mack 22303391 SNX602

NOx sensors are not covered by Skyline's same-day shipping guarantee.

Contact Skyline or your territory manager for more details and special pricing on bulk purchases.

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