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Skyline Emissions Implements Simplified Clamp and Gasket Part Numbers

Graphic showing an exhaust clamp, an exhaust gasket, and the words "Skyline’s clamp and gasket part numbers have changed"

Skyline Emissions has renumbered its clamps and gaskets for easier ordering and stocking. The base part numbers have been reduced from 14 or 15 characters to 5 characters, with the quantity codes remaining unchanged.

5 characters + quantity code 14-15 characters + quantity code
Clamp part numbers start with CL Clamp part numbers start with SC-
Gasket part numbers start with GA Gasket part numbers start with SG-

You can see the new simplicity in this list of old and new part numbers for some of Skyline best-selling clamps and gaskets:

  • SC-M10.2-4T1-B1-K1 → CL010-K1
  • SC-B10.4-0B0-B1-K10 → CL009-K10
  • SC-R14.0-4V3-A1-K2 → CL007-K2
  • SG-FA-14.1-B-A1-K1 → GA007-K1
  • SG-MC-10.2-D-A1-K10 → GA010-K10
  • SC-F13.2-4C1-B1-B100 → CL004-B100

Skyline can help you manage the change:

  • Clamp and gasket part number conversion tables are available from your sales representative and on the website
  • The old part numbers will remain on the Skyline website to allow for searches using part numbers from old invoices, old labels, etc.
  • Our customer service team will have conversion tables on hand to help with requests using the old part numbers

If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to your Skyline territory manager or the Skyline customer service department.

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