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Skyline Emissions Launches a New Line of Aftermarket NOx Sensors

Skyline NOx Sensor

Skyline Emissions is pleased to announce the availability of a new line of NOx sensors, which feature OE quality at an aftermarket price.

In side-by-side tests against OEM and other aftermarket sensors, these sensors perform as well or better than OEM sensors and better than most other aftermarket sensors.

In addition, Skyline’s aftermarket NOx sensors exceed the OEM design by incorporating increased waterproofing, better resistance to dust, stronger sensing elements, and a shorter light-off time. These sensors have passed extensive durability and stress testing to provide our customers with a robust product.  The rigorous development and testing process ensures that the software will be compatible with your engine so you don’t get fault codes or other performance issues.

The benefits of Skyline Aftermarket NOx sensors include

  • New, no core charges
  • Meets Skyline’s strict quality standards
  • Robust hardware
  • Compatible software
  • Vacuum-sealed sensors for longer shelf life and to protect against water fouling
  • A large stock for fast delivery
  • 1 year warranty

The initial launch contains twenty NOx sensors for Cummins, Paccar, Detroit Diesel, and Volvo/Mack engines.

Cummins, Paccar 4326870, 2872944, 3687930 ANX001*
Cummins, Paccar 4326874, 2872946 ANX002*
Cummins, Paccar 4326869, 2872947, 1954666, 1954665, 1906307, 2511405C1 ANX003*
Cummins, Paccar 4326873, 2872948, A034M378 ANX004*
Cummins, Paccar 4326872, 2872942, CMI2520640C1, 2520640C1, 1954664 ANX005
Cummins, Paccar 5293295, 2872297, 2894945 ANX006
Cummins, Paccar 2894939, 2871978, 4984576, 4984053, 1831900, 1831900 ANX007
Cummins, Paccar 4326864 ANX008
Cummins, Paccar 2894944, 2872236 ANX009
Cummins, Paccar 2894943, 2871974, 4984912, 1861423, 1869930 ANX010
Cummins, Paccar 2894940, 2871979, 4984577, 4954222, 5462436, 1705520 ANX011
Cummins, Paccar 5462442, 2894946, 2872298, 1873793 ANX012
Cummins, Paccar 4326868, 4326476, 2897311, 2872779, 1953530 ANX013
Detroit Diesel A0101532328, A0081531228, A0091530728 ANX101*
Detroit Diesel A0101538128 ANX102*
Detroit Diesel A0101532228, A0091530628, A0081531128 ANX103*
Paccar 2236409, 2006246 ANX501*
Volvo and Mack 22303390 ANX601*
Volvo and Mack 22303391 ANX602*
Volvo and Mack 22303384 ANX603*
* Also available in OE-Manufactured version (SNX###)

NOx sensors are not covered by Skyline's same-day shipping guarantee.

Contact Skyline or your territory manager for more details and special pricing on bulk purchases.

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