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CL070 (previously SC-R15.2-4C5-A1) Skyline Aftermarket Clamp for Cummins, Paccar, and Navistar DPF and DOC

CL070 - Clamp for Cummins, Paccar, and Navistar DPF and DOC

Item: Clamp for Cummins, Paccar, and Navistar DPF and DOC, quantity one

Skyline Part #: CL070-K1 (previously SC-R15.2-4C5-A1)

Description: V-Band Clamp, 15.25", quantity one

Applicable OEM Clamp #: 5304849, 5304898, 5633338 (service kit of 2 clamps and 2 gaskets), A041U497, A041V673, 2011939PE, 2011939, 2520177C1, CMI2520177C1

Applicable OEM Part#: 2078587X, 2078587X, 2078587XS, 2086437X, 2088082X, 2088082XS, 2088094XS, 2131526, 2131526PE, 2131533, 2131533PE, 2131533PEX, 2131896, 2131896PE, 2131896PEX, 2134929, 2134929PE, 2134929PEX, 2191860, 2191860PE, 2191860PEX, 2274612, 2274612PE, 2274612PEX, 2409288, 2409288PE, 2516807C91, 2520173C1, 2520606C91, 2522529C91, 4394577, 4394577NX, 4394577RX, 4394772, 4394855, 4394855RX, 4394906, 4394906RX, 4394979, 4394979NX, 4394979RX, 4395011, 4395011NX, 4395011RX, 5011531R91, 5013251R91, 5418493, 5418494, 5418494NX, 5418494RX, 5507037, 5507037RX, 5509698, 5509698RX, 5509700, 5509700RX, 5509714, 5509714RX, 5509715, 5509717, 5579297, 5579297RX, 5579298, 5579299, 5579299RX, 5633708, 5633739, 5633739RX, 5633757, 5633758, 5633760, A054X763, A055B953, A055F100, A055H477, A055H506, A055N645, A055N645, A055R125, A055R708, A055R708, A055S838, A055T677, A059P098, A059P100, A059P101, A064C013, A064C118, A064F958, A064F960, A065M779, CMI2520173C1, CMI2522529C91

Applicable Skyline Part#: MQ0417, XQ0461, XQ0462, XQ0710, XQ0711, XQ0712, XQ0713, MQ0710, MQ0711, MQ0713

Engine Make/Model: Cummins X11.9/X15, Paccar MX11/MX13, and Navistar A26

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