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SC-R12.6-4C5-A1 - Clamp for Cummins DPF and DOC

Skyline Part #: SC-R12.6-4C5-A1

Item: Clamp for Cummins DPF and DOC

Description: V-Band Clamp, 12.75"

Applicable OEM Clamp #: Cummins 5417471, Cummins 5633335 (service kit of 2 clamps and 2 gaskets), CES A056M545

Applicable OEM Part#: 2082341X, 2082341XS, 4394227, 4394228, 4394227NX, 4394227RX, 4394228RX, 4394228NX, 4394578, 4394579, 4394579NX, 4394579RX, 4394578RX, 4394578NX, 4394580, 4394580RX, 4394580NX, 4395008, 4395009, 4395009NX, 4395009RX, 4395008RX, 4395008NX, 4395010, 4395010RX, 4395010NX, 4395139, 4395139RX, 4395139NX, 5579360, 5579361, 5579369, 5579369RX, 5579360RX, 5579361RX, 5579369NX, 5579360NX, 5579361NX, 5579370, 5579371, 5579372, 5579375, 5579376, 5579379, 5579371RX, 5579376RX, 5579375RX, 5579372RX, 5579379RX, 5579370RX, 5579371NX, 5579376NX, 5579375NX, 5579372NX, 5579379NX, 5579370NX, A054M203, A054M210, A055B956, A055B959, A055B965, A055R126, A055R127, A055R128, A056D470, A064B957, A064B959, A064B961, A064B963, A064B969, A064B971, A064B977, A064B994, A064B996, A068N102

Applicable Skyline Part#: BJ0710, BJ0711, BJ0712, BJ0716, BJ0717, BJB513, BJB514, BJB515, BJB518

Engine Make/Model: Cummins B6.7 / L9

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