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SG-RB-05.2-H-A1 Skyline Aftermarket Gasket for Cummins DOCs

SG-RB-05.2-H-A1 - Gasket for Cummins DOCs

Skyline Part #: SG-RB-05.2-H-A1

Item: Gasket for Cummins ISB/ISC/ISL and Paccar PX6/PX8  DOCs

Description: Gasket, 5.25" OD

Quantity: 1 gasket, individually packaged

Applicable OEM Gasket #: Cummins 2880214, CES A029E743, Navistar 4026976C1

Applicable OEM Part #: 2871468, 2871468NX, 2880512, 2880512NX, 2880519, 2880519NX, 2880520, 2880520NX, 2880520RX, 2880588, 2880588NX, 4353304, 4353304NX, 4353304RX, 4353353, 4353353NX, 4353353RX, 4353812, 4353812NX, 4353812RX, 5302768, 5302768NX, 5302769, 5302769NX, A029U604, A029U827, A042M251, A047V505, A047V541

Applicable Skyline Part #: BG0406, BG0424, BG0432, BG0433, CJ0404, CJ0428, LJ0413

Engine Make/Model: Cummins ISB 6.7/ISC 8.3/ISL9 and Paccar PX-6/PX-8/PX-9

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