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SC-F10.2-4C1-B1 - Skyline Aftermarket Clamp for Cummins ISB and Paccar PX6 DPF and DOC

SC-F10.2-4C1-B1 - Clamp for Cummins ISB and Paccar PX6 DPF and DOC

Skyline Part #: SC-F10.2-4C1-B1-K1

Item: Clamp for Cummins ISB and Paccar PX-6 DPFs and DOCs

Description: V-Band Clamp, 10.25"

Applicable OEM Clamp #: Cummins 2871861, CES Q187688, Cummins 4965096, Cummins 5633334 (service kit of 2 clamps and 2 gaskets), CES Q187109

Applicable OEM Part #: 4965287, 4965287NX, 4965287RX, 4965227, 4965227NX, 4965227RX, 2871462, 2871462NX, 2871462RX, 2871461, 2871461NX, 2871461RX, 5295603, 5295603NX, 5295603RX, 5295607, 5295607NX, 5295607RX, 5287480, 5287480NX, 5287480RX, 4965285, 4965285NX, 5287477, 5287477NX, 4965222, 4965222NX, 5287474, 5287474NX, 4965338, 4965338NX, 2880520, 2880520NX, 2880520RX

Applicable Skyline Part #: BG0401, BG0402, BG0403, BG0404, BG0406, BG0407, BG0408, BG0409, BG0410, BG0411, BG0412, BG0430, BG0431, BG0432, BG1101, BG1102, BG1103, BG1104, BGF006

Engine Make/Model: Cummins ISB and Paccar PX-6

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