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SC-M14.0-4D1-A1 Skyline Aftermarket - Clamp for Detroit Diesel/Mercedes and Volvo/Mack DPF & DOC

SC-M14.0-4D1-A1 - Clamp for Detroit Diesel/Mercedes and Volvo/Mack DPF & DOC

Skyline Part #: SC-M14.0-4D1-A1

Item: Clamp for Detroit Diesel/Mercedes-Benz and Volvo/Mack DPFs and DOCs

Description: V-Band Clamp, 14"

Applicable OEM Clamp #: Daimler/Detroit Diesel A4709950002, Volvo/Mack 21048521

Applicable OEM Part #: 2023111, 20992181, 21048577, 21395825, 21471269, 21804785, 21817835, 22342601, 22761989, 85000899, 85003793, 85124613, 85124653, 85125682, A6804901214, A6804901314, A6804901414, A6804901614, A6804901714, A6804901814, A6804901914, A6804908592, A6804908692, A6804910294, A6804910394, A6804910594, EA6804901214, EA6804910294, EA6804910394, EA6804910594, RA6804901214, RA6804901314, RA6804901914, RA6804908592, RA6804908692

Applicable Skyline Part #: DN1501, DNT501, DNT502, DNT503, DNT504, DNT505, DNT506, DNT508, DQ1508, VN1201, VN1207, VN1209

Engine Make/Model: Detroit Diesel/Mercedes-Benz Series 60/MBE 4000/DD13/DD15 and Volvo/Mack MP7

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