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VN1203 Skyline Aftermarket DPF for Volvo D11, Mack MP7, Volvo D13, Mack MP8

VN1203 - DPF for Volvo/Mack D11/MP7 and D13/MP8

Item: Skyline aftermarket DPF for Volvo/Mack D11/MP7 and D13/MP8

Skyline Part #s:

Module only: VN1203-M

Clamp & Gasket Kit: VN1203-C

Clamp #: 2x of CL004

Gasket #: 2x of GA004

OEM Part #: 20863859, 21850651, 85000761, 85001352, 85000751, A041T205, Q621325

Engine Make/Model: Volvo/Mack D11/MP7 and D13/MP8

Warranty: 3 years / Unlimited miles

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C0007-SA; C007-SA; 82002; 82020; C17-0044; 4002001; 4002-001; DPF for Volvo D11; DPF for Mack MP7; DPF for Volvo D13; DPF for Mack MP8; A-VPTH-VN1203; A-VPTH-VN1203-C; A-VPTH-VN1203-K;

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