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SG-AA-05.7-A-A4 Skyline Aftermarket Gasket for Detroit Diesel-Mercedes-Benz DOCs

SG-AA-05.7-A-A4 - Gasket for Detroit Diesel and Mercedes Benz DOCs

Skyline Part #: SG-AA-05.7-A-A4

Item: Gasket for Detroit Diesel/Mercedes-Benz Series 60/MBE 4000/DD13/DD15 DOCs

Description: Gasket, 5"

Quantity: 1 gasket, individually packaged

Applicable OEM Gasket #: Daimler A4709971245, Daimler A0019959702 (clamp & gasket kit p/n)

Applicable OEM Part #: A6804901314, A6804901414, A6804901514, A6804901614, A6804901714, A6804901814, A6804901914, EA6804901314, EA6804901414, EA6804901514, EA6804901614, EA6804901714, EA6804901814, EA6804901914, RA6804901214, RA6804901314, RA6804901414, RA6804901514, RA6804901614, RA6804901714, RA6804901814, RA6804901914

Applicable Skyline Part #: DNT501, DNT502, DNT503, DNT504, DNT505, DNT506, DNT508, DNT509

Engine Make/Model: Detroit Diesel/Mercedes-Benz Series 60/MBE 4000/DD13/DD15

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