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SC-M09.2-4F6-B1 - Skyline Aftermarket Clamp for Navistar MaxxForce DPF and DOC

SC-M09.2-4F6-B1 - Clamp for Navistar MaxxForce DPF and DOC

Skyline Part #: SC-M09.2-4F6-B1

Item: Clamp for Navistar MaxxForce DPFs and DOCs

Description: V-Band Clamp, 9.25"

Applicable OEM Clamp #: Navistar 2594128C1

Applicable OEM Part #: 2514351C91, 2594131C91, 2594140C91, 2594165C91, 2594165R91, 2594363C91, 2594369C91, 2597007C91, 2604430C91, 2604430R91, 2605039C91, 2605124C1, 2605332C91, 2605837C1, 2612521C91, 2613113C91, 3712647C91, 5010830R91, 5010832R91, 5010838R91, 5010840R91, 5010843R1, 5010850R1, 5010853R1, 5011047R91, 5011118R91, 5011121R91, 82002806 (MFG P/N)

Applicable Skyline Part #: MC0501, MC0502, MC0505, MJ0820, MJ1222, MK1221, MK1223, MN1025, MN1027

Engine Make/Model: Navistar MaxxForce DT/7/9/10

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