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MN1009 Skyline Aftermarket DPF for Navistar MaxxForce (Serviceable Version)

MN1009 - DPF for Navistar MaxxForce (Serviceable Version)

Skyline Part #'s:

Module only: MN1009-M

Gasket Kit: MN1009-C

Clamp #: NA (No Clamps)

Gasket #: 1x of SG-MD-04.0-A-A1, 1x of SG-MD-04.0-A-A2

Item: Skyline aftermarket DPF for Navistar MaxxForce, serviceable* version

Notice: *This Skyline DPF (MN1009-M) has a larger diameter than the OEM parts referenced below. A minimum of 1/2" clearance surrounding the diameter of the original OEM DPF is required in order to utilize this Skyline DPF. Please ensure adequate space is available on the vehicle before purchasing this aftermarket DPF. Skyline DPF part number MN1029-M is also available which does not require additional clearance.

OEM Part #: 2604870C91, 2604870R91, 2605796C91, 2611630C91, 5010852R1, 5010846R1, 82002756, 82073162

Engine Make/Model: Navistar MaxxForce

Warranty: 3 years / Unlimited miles

Buy Now: Contact your local Skyline Emissions Distributor for sales and product support.

C0078-SA; 65009; C17-0062; GESi-007; A-NVXH-MN1009; A-NVXH-MN1009-K

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